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Hey guys, Alex here…

We all know SEO is one of the best ways to get traffic to any website. That’s mainly because with SEO you get free traffic from Google without having to invest money to keep it consistent. Which is the case with paid traffic methods.

However, ranking a website on Google today is not as easy as it used to be. But there are still ways to get ahead of your competition and rank higher in the search engines.

WP Analyst claims to be one of those solutions by helping you understand exactly what you need to do to rank better on Google and other search engines.

I have had several people email me asking if I was going to review this plugin so I decided to get in touch with the vendor and ask for a review copy so I can test it out and see if it works as promised.

Below you can find out exactly what I discovered during my testing, as well as all the things I like (and don’t like) about this plugin.


Well, the basic concept of this plugin is to give you insight on how all your site’s pages and URLs rank on Google so that you can be in the position to identify issues and rectify them to increase your rankings. You can monitor how many backlinks each page has, the Page and Domain authority for each page, how popular each page is on social media sites and you can even share you pages with a single click to get even more links and social shares.

And that’s not all it does… The plugin will even let you import a list of all the keywords that you’re targeting and then it will monitor and track the Google ranking of your pages for all of your keywords.

On-Page and Off-Page optimization is the key to success with SEO but having a tool to show you exactly how all the pages on your site are ranking and monitor all the on-site and off-site SEO factors is equally as important and should not be overlooked.


After testing the plugin for several hours, here’s what you can expect from it…

When you first install the plugin on your WP site you will need to configure some settings such as entering your license details, set up and get a free Moz.com API key, import Proxies (optional) and set up a Captcha service to have captchas automatically filled in in the background so that the plugins that work and gather information about your rankings on complete autopilot.

Once everything is set up you can go to the main interface and see the following information for all your site’s pages and posts:

– Moz Rank
– Backlinks
– Social Signals (FB shares, FB Linkes, G+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Stumbleupon).
– Broken links (External and Internal)

Additionally you can also import all the keywords that you’re targeting and see exactly which pages rank best for your each of your keywords. The Rank Tracker will show you the following information:

– Google Position
– Yahoo Position
– Bing Position
– Date Checked

You can reload all data at anytime and have the plugin re-check all the information from scratch.

One important thing I would like to mention is that this plugin is designed to not affect your site’s loading speed in any way. The way it does that is by closing all background operations when you are not using it. So the only time the plugin will use some resources is when you access the Dashboard to see your ranking information.

Also, those of you who get the Developers License will also get a separate interface inside the Dashboard for developers where you can track ranking information for multiple sites.


There is just one thing I don’t like about this plugin and that is, it doesn’t have Tutorials or Tool Tips built within the interface. However, when you purchase, along with your license details you will also get a link to Training tutorials and Support. So make sure you check that out first. There are only 3 videos (about 8 mins long) and I took the time to watch all of them when testing WP Analyst.

I wanted to see if the training provided by the vendor covers everything about this plugin and it does. He gives you a complete overview of the plugin and how it works and shows you step-by-step exactly what you need to do.


So what do I think of WP Analyst overall? Well, this is definitely solid tool that is worth considering for anyone who wants to do SEO properly. Now there are free ways to find out the ranking information that this plugin provides but personally I wouldn’t bother. With this tool you have all the features in one place and it does all the work for you automatically. So considering the price and everything you get with this product, I can safely say this is a solid tool that anyone in the SEO business should consider.





When I approve a product, and I put a big APPROVED button underneath the review, that means that I feel the product is a good value and a solid investment and if I had just purchased this I would feel that I “got my moneys worth”.

However, besides giving you a trustworthy recommendation you can depend upon, I also encourage the vendors to offer exclusive discounts and additional bonuses to my readers. Then on top of those perks and extras I add my own.

That guarantees every time you take advantage of one of my recommended offers on this site, you know a) it works as promised b) I think it’s worthy of your marketing toolbox c) you’ll get it at the best price and with the most added value!


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