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Hey guys, Alex here…

I got access to Turbo JV Page Builder before the launch and did something that most marketers don’t take the time to do. I tested it myself. And in this review I’m going to tell you exactly what I discovered during my testing.


The basic concept of this software is to allow you to build a professional JV page by simply uploading some files to your server and editing your page live from the software’s admin dashboard.

All you need to do is upload the files, create an admin account, log in and start start editing. The builder comes coded with all the sections that should be on a JV page and everything can be customized (logo, video, images, text, launch date, opt-in forms, link to affiliate signup page, email swipes, promo tools, product description, sales funnel, prizes, FAQs, launch date and time and affiliate terms and conditions).


There’s not much to say about this software other than the fact that it works exactly as advertised.

Even though I have a tech background and a lot of experience with building websites and pages, I see a lot of value in this product because it’s a huge time saver.

I’ve built hundreds of sales funnels and pages for clients in the past and I know from experience that building a page like that from scratch takes a professional more up to 10 hours to create.

But using this product you can have your JV page up and running in less than an hour, even if you don’t have any HTML or coding experience whatsoever.

There are two main reasons why this is a great product worth considering:

Reason #1: It’s the easiest way I found to build JV pages. It doesn’t require you to install WordPress and you don’t need to know HTML in order to set it up.

Reason #2: It comes with re-sell & developer rights and all the tools you need to make money selling it (a professional sales letter, thank you page, professional graphics, etc.)

So you can either re-sell it for 100% of the profits or use it to build JV pages for other sellers.

There’s definitely a LOT of money to be made in selling ready-made JV pages.

How do I know that?

Because I do it myself all the time. And I charge between $150 – $250 to build a page like that. I’m really glad I found this because now I can charge the same prices and do 10x less amount of work to complete the projects.

To see exactly what you can build using Turbo JV Page Builder, check out the test JV page I created below:

My Test JV Page: http://reviewnova.com/dev/turbojvpage


There’s only one thing I don’t like about this software and the reason I gave it 4.5 stars (out of 5). When you edit the text on the page from the admin area, you can’t change text color, font-size and font-family. This is the only thing I think it’s missing from it. I reported it to the vendor and he promised to add it as a new feature soon.

But I didn’t stop there… I wanted to make sure you guys can use an alternative solution until then. So I started testing different options and shortly after, I finally found a trick that works.

Here it is… In order to format the text and change things like color, font-family and font-size you can use http://innovastudio.com/BootstrapLiveEditor/ or http://summernote.org/ or any other WYSIWYG editor and then just copy & paste the formatted text into the Turbo JV Page Builder editor. It’s an simple and easy solution and works perfectly.


I honestly believe this is a great piece of software and a very useful resource to have regardless of what you plan to do with it; to use it yourself in your business, re-sell the software itself for 100% of the profits or use it to build JV pages for other sellers. Also, considering the price and the bonuses being offered, it’s certainly a must-have and a complete bargain.




When I approve a product, and I put a big APPROVED button underneath the review, that means that I feel the product is a good value and a solid investment and if I had just purchased this I would feel that I “got my moneys worth”.

However, besides giving you a trustworthy recommendation you can depend upon, I also encourage the vendors to offer exclusive discounts and additional bonuses to my readers. Then on top of those perks and extras I add my own.

That guarantees every time you take advantage of one of my recommended offers on this site, you know a) it works as promised b) I think it’s worthy of your marketing toolbox c) you’ll get it at the best price and with the most added value!


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