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I’ll skip the formalities and cut straight to the chase.


Essentially, Social X is a new cloud-based software that allows you to manage your ENTIRE Facebook account right from within the Social X dashboard, giving you detailed statistics about your FB Pages that help you understand exactly what makes your customers tick. You get detailed analytics such as:

– Page/Post Reach…
– When most fans are online…
– Fans demographic (Age, country etc)
– Page referrer and sources

And then there’s the action part that makes this software truly unique and powerful. Here’s what you can do with SocialX:

– Run interactive polls
– Generate leads, redirects and make sales with CTAs
– Create interactive coupon posts with scarcity timers
– And Create download interactive posts with scarcity timers.

And the best part is, all these posts will work with Facebook Ads, meaning you can Boost them and use them in your FB Ad campaigns.

I got access to Social X earlier this week and I’ve spent several hours testing it. I already got so many ideas on how to use Social X with FB Ads. To see exactly how you can use Social X, check out the Demo video below:

There are two ways to use the Social X interactive posts:

1 – Embed them on your site using a simple IFRAME code (like the two examples above)

2 – Share them on your Facebook page directly from within the Social X dashboard and then Boost them using Facebook Ads. I’m sure you can see the potential of that 🙂

Creativity is key here as there are endless possibilities with this software and many ways to make it work for your own business, sites and offers.


Well, what can I say? After thoroughly testing this software and using it to set up several interactive posts, I have to say it’s really amazing and I haven’t seen anything like that before.

I have been marketing online for long enough to know that the success of any Facebook Ad campaign depends on the following three factors:

#1 – Your Message and Call To Action.

#2 – Your ability to stand out with your ads and engage your viewers.

#3 – Your ability to build your list so that you can effectively monetize the traffic generated by your ads.

Based on my personal experience with Facebook Ads over the years, I found these 3 factors to be the key to success with any campaign.

Now Social X is a tool that helps you with all these 3 points. Create an effective message and Call to action, create ads that stand out and engage people, and finally, allows you to build your list so you can maximize your results (it currently integrates with Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendlane and ConstantContact).

There are 4 types of posts you can create using Social X:

Polls – Using YES/NO or Multiple Choices along with Custom CTA Message & Button or Email Opt-In Form.

Coupon – Using a Custom Image, Text and Description along with built-in Scarcity and Email Opt-In Form.

Deal – Using a Custom Image, Text and Description along with built-in Scarcity and Email Opt-In Form.

Download – Using a Custom Image, Text and Description along with built-in Scarcity and Email Opt-In Form.

Whatever you want to promote on your Facebook pages or using Facebook Ads, I believe there are many ways to make Social X work for you. The process is simple and straight-forward… All you need to do is choose your Post Type, fill in the form with your details and hit Submit. And then you can embed it on your site or share it on Facebook and Boost it using Facebook Ads.


During my testing, I came across a few minor bugs.

For example, there is a setting that lets you choose a custom background color for your post which didn’t work properly. I reported it to the vendor so it probably got fixed already. But at the time of writing this review, this small bug exists so it makes sense to let you know about it.

Another issue I encountered was when I tried to edit one of my existing posts and change the Text on my CTA Button. I tried changing it and hit Save several times but every time the Text reverted back to the original one I used when I first created my post.

Finally, I also found something that’s missing from the software. When you create you Email Opt-in window, the software doesn’t let you add a custom CTA message above your opt-in form.


I believe this is something that should definitely be implemented. So I took the time to discuss this with the vendor on Skype and he agreed to get his Dev team to implement this feature.

Considering the fact that I tested a Beta version of the software, all the issues I encountered will most likely get fixed by launch date. Especially since I took the time to report everything to the vendor and explain him exactly what’s not working and what’s missing. I did all that to make sure you guys will get a solid software that works properly.


So what do I think of Social X overall? Well, while the software has a few minor bugs here and there, have to say I’m quite impressed with it. I was genuinely impressed by it’s concept, the potential it has for Facebook Ads and by how easy it was to set up. It worked very well and allowed me to create unique Facebook posts & ads with a strong message, CTAs that really stand out and engage, and built-in optin forms that will help me A LOT when it comes to monetizing my audience. This is powerful stuff guys and it’s a great investment for anyone serious about Facebook marketing.





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