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Hey there, Alex here with another detailed, honest review. Today I’m reviewing LeadLock Pro, a new and unique list building software + training launched by Ben Murray.

Below, I’ve broken down my review into sections to make things easier for you all to read.

I’ve also included several methods you can use to build your list using Lead Lock Pro so make sure you check them out. Enjoy!


LeadLock Pro is a cloud-based software that turns ANY PDF, Doc, Docx, Powerpoint or XLS file into a lead generation tool.

The way it works is, it allows you upload your lead magnet (report) and lock some specific pages of your lead magnet with an opt-in form, social sharing, social login and more.

It prevents people from downloading your PDF files to their desktop or phone or leaving the browser pages and the only way to see the rest of the content is to complete the steps you require to unlock it (i.e your opt-in form).

Apart from allowing people to get a sneak peak of your lead magnet upfront to build trust, the software can also help you get viral traffic, generate leads and sales by giving people an incentive to share your lead magnet and refer their friends. All this increases conversion rates substantially and is considerably more effective than a traditional opt-in (squeeze) page.

Additionally, you also get White Label Rights to a list building training created by Ben Murray. You can download the videos inside of the training and sell them as your own. This has been included along with the Lead Lock software to give you a product to sell to the leads you generate when they download your “locked” documents.


After testing the software and using it to create multiple campaigns, here’s what you can expect from it…

The process of creating a new campaign is simple and straight-forward. You can set up a new campaign by simply uploading your PDF Document and configure settings such as Title, Description, Social Share Image, Campaign Type (Scroll or Slide), Custom Branding and more.


The next step is adding a Locker. There are several different lockers you can add to your Documents (see picture below).


All the lockers are fully customizable and they come with several ready-made templates. However, if you don’t want to use the templates provided, you can customize your locker in any way you want by changing the text, colors, font family, font size, etc.

You can lock any page in your document and you can also use multiple lockers throughout your document.

For example, let’s say you have a 50 page document. On page 10 you can use an Optin Locker that asks people to subscribe to unlock the rest of the content, and then on Page 20 you can use a Social Share Locker to ask people to share your document to continue reading. Doing that will shoot two birds with one stone – get new subscribers and viral traffic at the same time.

Once you’re done setting up your campaign and your locker, you will get to the final page where you can distribute your document.

There are 4 ways you can use your locked Documents…

Option 1 – Share on Social Networks

Option 2 – Use the Embed Code to put the Document on your WordPress site (or any other site/page). The width and height of the embed window is customizable.

Option 3 – Use the Direct (naked) URL to drive traffic to your Document.

Option 4 – Use the FB integration feature to make your Lead Magnet accessible via a Facebook Tab.

I took the time to set up a campaign to show you how the software works.

You can see the test I made below…



There are several ways to rapidly build your list using Lead Lock Pro. Here are few methods you should use…

1 – Create a few campaigns using a few valuable and informative PDF reports and put them on your website. The reports will get indexed by Google and bring you new traffic and subscribers on autopilot. You can either create your own documents or use PLR reports. Just think about it… most PLR reports are not indexed by Google yet so this is a great opportunity to use them on your website with a Locker on them get traffic and subscribers, all while getting noticed more by Google as an authority and getting ranked higher on search engines.

2 – Create a Locked PDF and promote it using Facebook Ads. Most marketers promote Paid products using FB Ads and still make money. What you will do instead is give away a valuable report for free and build your list at the same time. I hope you realize the potential of that; certainly beats using Squeeze pages, especially since Facebook doesn’t like them (i heard many horror stories where people got their FB Ads account banned because of promoting squeeze pages).

3 – Create a free membership website with good content for the sole purpose of building your list using Lead Lock Pro.

4 – Give away your Locked PDF reports on Forums, Social Pages & Groups, Google+ Groups and anywhere else you can think of. The “Value First” concept of Lead Lock Pro ensures that people will not see you as a spammer and instead, they will thank you for sharing valuable information with them.

5 – Be creative and use your own methods. Whatever you do, you will get traffic and subscribers on complete autopilot, that’s for sure.


During my testing I encountered some issues and couldn’t set up a new campaign. After half an hour and a lot of testing I realized the problem was I was using an apostrophe in the title.

I was using “Alex’s Test” as my campaign title and for that reason my campaign wouldn’t save.

I reported the issue to the developers and they got it fixed within a few minutes.


However, to me that means the software is not perfect (yet) and I wanted to let you know about my experience in case you encounter the same issues like me. If you do, just open a support ticket and Ben’s team should get it sorted quickly.


So what do I think of Lead Lock Pro overall? Well, I have to say I was really, really impressed with the software and its concept because it’s something new that definitely works better for list building than the overly saturated, traditional methods that most marketers (including myself) have been using until now.

Letting people to get a “sneak peek” at your lead magnet will certainly convert better VS using a traditional opt-in squeeze page. I’m already working on several list-building campaigns using FB Ads and Lead Lock Pro and I can wait to see the engagement and results I’ll get when I give people valuable reports for free, and asking for their email address only AFTER I make sure they love my content.






When I approve a product, and I put a big APPROVED button underneath the review, that means that I feel the product is a good value and a solid investment and if I had just purchased this I would feel that I “got my moneys worth”.

However, besides giving you a trustworthy recommendation you can depend upon, I also encourage the vendors to offer exclusive discounts and additional bonuses to my readers. Then on top of those perks and extras I add my own.

That guarantees every time you take advantage of one of my recommended offers on this site, you know a) it works as promised b) I think it’s worthy of your marketing toolbox c) you’ll get it at the best price and with the most added value!

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