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Lead Funnel is a new Twitter marketing software launched by Jai Sharma that helps you find targeted leads, increase followers, build relationships and close sales in any niche.

The tool is designed to automatically search for all tweets and profiles that contain a keyword of your choice and then identify targeted leads that you can accept, add to your workflow or reject.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Step 1: Use keywords, hashtags or profiles of Twitter influencers to search for targeted leads.

Step 2: Set up an automated messaging sequence that builds relationships with your leads.

Step 3: Use the Direct Message features to convert the most qualified leads into customers (at this point all the leads have gone through your automated message sequence so they are all “easy sales”)

Sounds simple and easy? Well, yea, it’s actually very simple to easy to use and works really well. However, there’s still a bit of manual work involved in the beginning (more about that in a moment).



After testing the software and its features, here’s what you can expect from it…

While the software automates a big part of the process of finding new leads on Twitter, there’s still manual work involved in the beginning.

Here’s what you’ll need to do manually in order to make this software work for you:

  • Search for leads using keywords, hashtags or target followers of other top Twitter influencers.
  • When you first set up your campaign, you’ll need to set up an “fill-in-the-blanks” automated messaging sequence (just set & forget).
  • Sort through the leads and approve the targeted ones (approving a lead will add it to your automated sequence)

So while there’s a bit of work involved to set up the system in the beginning, once you finish setting up your campaign and your automated messaging sequence, you will be able to focus just on finding new leads and the software will take care of the rest.

I also want to mention that it helps if you have an established Twitter account. If you don’t have one yet, no need to worry because Lead Funnel has several built-in automated features to help you grow you Twitter account and build a following. However growing your account and building a following will take some time so you need to be patient.



So what do I think of Profit Lead Funnels overall? Well, I have said many times that a software is a tool and a tool is meant to make our jobs easier. Lead Funnel will save you a lot of time and automate a big part of the process of finding leads and marketing on Twitter. It works fast and comes with all the features you need to find targeted leads on Twitter.





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