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Hey guys, today I’m doing a review of Convertri, a new page builder that claims to be better than other popular tools such as Leadpages and Clickfunnels.

Many people are going to promote this software in the coming days and say it’s the next best thing that you MUST have. However, unlike other marketers, I took the time to test it out before writing my review. You can see the proof of that below:


I’ll admit that I was very excited for this to come out because I use landing pages and funnels A LOT in my business so I’m always interested in tools that could help me get better conversions.

Anyways – I’ll cut the chit-chat and get to the reason you’re here:



Convertri claims to be the best cloud-based builder on the market to create online marketing funnels for your products, landing pages, squeeze pages, and more.

The software comes with the following main features:

  • A fully flexible page builder that is not bound by columns or rows and lets you build your pages in any way you want by just dragging and dropping elements literally anywhere you want on the page.
  • It’s integrated with a content delivery network (CDN) which makes the pages load faster than a typical hosting sever.
  • It comes with a template library (i counted 39 templates)
  • The pages you build are mobile responsive.
  • It has detailed analytics and stats built in.
  • It has split-testing features integrated.
  • It has integrations with all the top Autoresponders.

Sounds powerful right? Well, yea, it does sound powerful. However, what I found during my testing made me go from being very excited to being disappointed within just a few minutes after I started using it. All explained and detailed below.



First off, I want to mention that I bought and use all the top page builders available out there. That includes OptimizePress, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Instabuilder and even iGloo. So having experience with all these tools, testing Convertri was really easy for me cause all I had to do is compare it with the others.

Now, while there is a thing or two that I liked about the software, there are unfortunately, many things that I didn’t like about this software.

Let’s start with the good news first…



I really liked the clean interface and how well is everything organized. The process of creating a new funnel is straight-forward and very easy to do. All you have to do is create a new funnel, set a name for it, and then you can simply start adding pages to it. The way it works is, you build your funnel in the order you want people to go through it and then just use the main URL to drive traffic to. People will go through your funnel in the same order you’ve built it.

I also liked the idea behind the page editor. With other builders, you have to use columns, rows and section elements before starting to design your pages. However, with Convertri you get a fully-flexible editor that leads you put your elements anywhere you want on the page. You can watch the short demo video below to see exactly what I mean by that:

Another thing I liked is the split-testing features that let you test the conversion rate of your pages. However, if I were to build a funnel with any page builder, I would rather use a specialized tool for split-testing like Optimizely instead of the one provided.



First of all, the page editor comes with only 8 elements that you can drag-and-drop on your pages – Text, Image, Panel, Youtube Video, Other Videos, Countdown Timer, Facebook Comments and HTML Element. That’s all the tools you get for designing your pages unfortunately (no button elements, no tab elements, no navigation elements, no fancy opt-in forms, etc). If you want anything else than what’s provided, you’ll have to design it from scratch. Needless to say, you get a lot more elements with all the other page builders available out there. Even Instabuilder comes with many more ready-made elements, which is a WordPress plugin and not a WP Theme or a cloud-hosted platform.

Also, while I really liked the idea behind the fully-flexible editor, I feel that it could’ve been done better. You see, the problem with this editor is not when you build a page the first time. It’s when you edit it later and want to add a new element in the middle of the page for example. When you will want to do that, you will also have to move all the other elements to make room for the new element. After building hundreds of pages using tools like OptimizePress, Clickfunnels and Instabuilder in the last few years, this is quite a big issue that you will most likely encounter very often.

Secondly, the template library doesn’t have any templates that make me go say “WOW!”. These are just basic templates that you are getting and it’s nothing that other page builders don’t have.

Next, there is no Help or Tutorials built into the software. I looked everywhere inside my Convertri account and couldn’t find any links to Tutorials or even a way to contact Support. This is a BIG deal for me and I’m sure for many other users also.

Finally, the early bird price of the tool is $297. For the value it brings to the table, considering the positive and the negative aspects of the software, I honestly don’t think it’s worth the high-end price tag. Sure, there’s a monthly price plan also at $47/month but who wants that. I sure don’t want to pay a recurring free for something unless it’s the best solution on the market or something that brings me real results for what I want to achieve.



So what do I think of Profit Lead Funnels overall? Well, for those who want a simple and easy way to build basic funnel pages, Convertri might be of some value to you. However, considering the other tools that are already available on the market, I personally don’t feel that Convertri is bringing anything better to the table. There are better tools out there, with more features, better support, training tutorials, and even better price.





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